Dublin 2018

Day #4

Posted By Grant Stephen on October 10, 2018

Day 4 in Dublin..... Today we visited Butlers Chocolate Factory, where we had a tour of the factory. We were told the history of how chocolate was discovered, and how it was brought over to Dublin. The tour of the factory kept everyone's attention, and we all wondered what happened to the chocolates that were rejected! Amazing to see how most things are still done by hand, churning out thousands a day. Cubs, Scouts and Leaders were all kept supplied by free chocolates and fudge throughout the morning, which went down exceedingly well. After a walk through the museum, it was in to one of the rooms where we all received a lesson in how to make chocolate. One of our Cubs and Scouts were chosen to help make a
hollow chocolate heart, and then were asked to smash it up to prove it was indeed hollow! The picture shows the delight from smashing said chocolate heart.... We all then were each given a hollow elephant to decorate, and professionally wrap. Some will make it home, some were not so lucky....! The visit to the chocolate shop proved very very popular. We're sure we tripled their sales today!

A quick lunch in the park in Dublin, enjoying the unseasonably warm weather into the bargain, and then it was on to our mystery activity.....

Viking Splash..... The contingent were split into two groups, and we headed off to our buses. Once on and seat-belted in, viking hats were put on (the pictures show just how enthusiastic everyone was wearing them), and the tour started. The tour guide was quite simply fantastic and kept everyone entertained for the duration of the journey round Dublin, pointing out various buildings of history, funny stories and constantly breaking into song every 10 minutes or so! We'd all been taught the viking roar..... which was used at almost every opportunity to poor unsuspecting passers-by. Imagine passing an open top tour bus, and being roared at by Scottish Scouts, a couple of Americans, a German, and Australians! We eventually pulled into a dock area, to have floats attached to the bus, life-jackets handed out, and then driven into the water.... After seeing another bit of Dublin from the water, it was back on dry land, and a drive back to the pick-up point.

During the Viking Splash, we discovered we were sharing the wedding day of an Irish and Australian couple, who had been married a mere 10 minutes before the tour, and the picture is one of the happy couple and some of the contingent, wishing them all the best for their future together.

A trip to a shopping centre allowed everyone a chance to buy some tat (AKA souvenirs) to take home..... we hope you appreciate them! Captain Americas provided our tea tonight, and all ate their body weight in food - great food and service - before heading back for the bus for some chill time then bed.

A tiring, but brilliant day filled with a lot of laughter and fun.....