Dublin 2018

Day #3

Posted By Grant Stephen on October 09, 2018

The third full day marked the halfway mark for the full-timers but the end of the road for the Beavers and Beaver leaders. The day kicked off with 6 quick activities of relay races, a short assault course (different from day 2), 100 exercises, Word Hunt- Celebrating 100 Years, Team Building games with blind folds and adding all the Leader's ages together. The wide variety of activities allowed the participants to use their mental strength and their physical strength.

After this, it was sadly time to say goodbye to the Beavers and Beaver leaders. There were some tears shed. The participants then collected some wood for later...

The afternoon consisted of onsite activities. These were backwoods cooking which involved cooking chocolate orange and sugar apples. It turns out Terry's Chocolate Orange is not the best you can get. The picture shows how hypnotic fire can be..... River Crossing which consisted of using crates to get across an imaginary river without touching the grass. Camp Golf which involves throwing a Frisbee towards a tree. The final activity was a challenge to find various things around the campsite.

In the evening we were joined by 12 Scouts from Trim. The evening consisted of getting to know the Trim Scouts with ice breaker games. The Trim Scouts got to join the centenary celebrations with some birthday cake. The cake got everyone's sugar levels just in time to play some wide games followed by a campfire.

The campfire circle is quite the arena. The fire is on an enlarged platform that gives it an Olympic torch effect. Irish Leader, Sean Kelly, lead the campfire. The Scottish Scouts got the opportunity to learn some Irish campfire songs. The Scottish Scouts then introduced the Irish to some Scottish campfire songs. By the end of the campfire we got to see a lot of people's Bongoloes.

This evening showed the uniqueness of International Scouting- meeting new people and becoming friends. The youths interacted very well together and some emails and Snapchats were exchanged. An Explorer even commented that the next International Event should be in Trim.