Dublin 2018

Day #1

Posted By Grant Stephen on October 07, 2018

Day One's first off site activity was a visit to the National Aquatic Centre Aquazone in Dublin for fun in the swimming pool. Due to the Centre’s rule of wearing swimming caps this lead to a few weird and wonderful sights. Once caps were sorted it was soon time to enter the thankfully warm pool.

While the less energetic headed to the main calm fun pool the braver ones headed to the various flumes of various lengths and heights for a few goes. Every so often the pool had a wave machine which certainly threw the lighter ones about. The Lazy River was also popular with the current carrying everyone around with no effort required. The non-swimmers were also catered for with small slides on offer and for the youngest there was also a fun Pirate Ship to keep them amused if they wished. In no time at all the session was over and it was time to leave which was challenging as it took time to find some of the lockers before many headed to the cafe for a snack. Only minutes later everyone then gathered outside to eat their packed lunches before boarding the bus to the next activity.


We then headed onto our next activity at GoQuest which was 28 rooms of different challenges. the group were split into 8 teams including a leader’s team. Our 90-minute challenge began.In what felt like a blink of an eye our time was up. We were then taken back to have the points announced. In first place was Lou's Fab Friends, unfortunately the leader team placed last. We like to let the young ones win of course. Fun was had from the youngest cub to the oldest adult. All in all, a fantastic activity.

For the part time participants our first day we spent on site and having seen some conkers the night before we decided to start off looking for some more. The beavers thoroughly enjoyed this and Buzz even had Beavers on his shoulders before he climbed half way up a tree to get more conkers for us. The beavers loved when the conkers fell from the tree almost hitting them. After collecting over 200 conkers we decided to go exploring around the rest of the site, we walked by the river looking out for different kinds of trees along the way then Red Beaver thought that it would be a good idea for us to climb up a very steep slope! The beavers found this surprisingly easy and loved it, however the leaders on the other hand got stuck half way up! After having a laughing fit a Stewie couldn't stand up and almost knocked Buzz back down to the bottom of the hill. Jessie dropped her phone a couple of times which the beavers kindly went back down the hill to get. We have never laughed to much in our lives. We then went to the beaver park to have a chill down before lunch.

After lunch we went back to the beaver park as the beavers wanted to finish tree climbing and building a dam. With all the beavers getting stuck upthe tree it was Jessie's job to get them down from the tree. Grass Sledging was next on the lost of activities to do, with the Beavers getting stuck half way down the hill it was not much of a success however as always in Beavers we make a laugh out of everything. After we were Glass Sledging for about half an hour we decided to move onto another activity which was a maze and bouldering. The beavers loved this after getting through the maze there was a bouldering wall which we couldn't get them away from. We then did an obstacle course which although was short the beavers also enjoyed. We then went back for a quick snack and drink after going back out to look for more conkers as the beavers really enjoyed this. by the time the beavers got back from a busy day of exploring the cubs, scouts and explorers were back from there day back.

Our activity for the evening was our very own 5th Dundee Talent Show. Group were split into 7 teams and off they went to perfect their talents.The talent show kicked off with our very own presenter Ant McPartlin who looks a bit like our ADC Stuart Ramsay, he then presented the judges. Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden And David Walliams, funnily enough they resembled Grant Stephen, Susan Smith and Lee Corr . I'll let you figure out who was who.After 7 amazingly funny performances our 3 judges picked, with great difficultly, 2 acts to go to the final. Badgers and Lou's Fab Friends battled against one another for the winning spot. Despite Doris from Lou's Fab Friends having the tears rolling down our faces. Badgers won by round of applause by the crowd!A lot of great efforts from the young people, every single person was entertaining.